Gran Prix Bowling Supply Gasoline Alley
Below is a just a sample listing of products available from this manufacturer. GRAN PRIX has many more than these items in stock and ready to ship to your center.

Part NumberProduct NameProduct DescriptionPrice
KB8-8095Prodigy Lane Conditioner $239.98
KB8-8025Defense S Lane Conditioner $239.98
KB8-8075Offense HV Lane Conditioner $246.98
KB8-8405Defense C Lane Cleaner $89.98
KB8-K99NPS No Pin Slide $38.98
V000-022-080Kicker Roller Standard $14.67
V000-022-080-1Kicker Roller High Performance $14.96
V000-022-080-2UHP Kicker Roller- Full Contact $14.35
V000-022-080-4"Red Blaster" Round Kicker Roller $14.35
V000-022-080-5"Red Blaster" Football Kicker Roller $14.35
V000-022-080-6"Red Blaster" Full Contact Kicker Roller $14.35
V000-022-080-9Fat Boy Kicker Roller $14.07
V000-022-080-10"Red Blaster" Fat Boy Kicker Roller $14.32
V208Twin Pin Guide $17.47
V225Premium CushionSpecify RH or LH$163.13
V201Total CushionSpecify RH or LH$227.41
V222Super CushionSpecify RH or LH$218.96
62860022005Command Lane Conditioner $213.98
62860046005Control Lane Conditioner $216.98
62860205005Authority 22 Lane Conditioner $222.98
400149Time Delay "Plus" Module $127.55
400140Wizard "Plus" Foul Detector $455.55
420403Tiger Grip Strip3 per package$41.55
KB8-0047PKegel K2 Lane Cleaning Cloth $87.98
KB8-8115Infinity Lane Conditioner $239.98
KB8-0047EZKegel Select Lane Cloth $96.98
62-860143-005Absolute Control Lane Conditiner $216.98
KB8-8105Crossfire Lane Conditioner $219.98
KB8-8125Navigate Lane Conditioner $239.98
KB8-8135Fire Lane Conditioner $246.98
KB8-8130Ice Lane Conditioner $246.98
KB8-8145Curve Lane Conditioner $246.98
LM8-PDT1Pin Deck Treatment- 1 Gal $57.07
294-006-047Formula ACC Cleaner - 5 Gal $92.95
294-006-009Visflow 32.5 - 5 Gal $193.13
62-860164-004Defy Lane Conditioner $209.98
62-860166-004Defy 30 Lane Conditioner $209.98
62-860162-005Logic Lane Conditioner $229.98
62-860160-005Connect Lane Conditioner $229.98
62-860239-025Max 10 Cleaner $86.98
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